11 Golden Rules In Love

on Wednesday, May 16, 2012

* Love is Strong Yet Delicate
It can be Broken.
To truly Love is to Understand This.
To be in Love is to Respect this.

* It's Hard to Tell your Mind to stop Loving Someone when your Heart still does.

* The Best and Beautiful Things in the World cant be seen,nor Touched,but are felt in the heart.

* Love is Like Sunshine.It brings a Golden Glow to its beholders Face.And a warm feeling all over their Body.It awakens Soul and opens Eyes.And when its Over,it leaves billions of Small Memories called Stars.To remind the World,that it still exists.

* When you Love someone,it's something.When Someone Loves you,it's another Thing.When you Love the Person who Loves you back,it's everything.

* The Greatest thing you 'll ever Learn is just to love and to be Loved in return.

* Love is Like the Wind,You cant see it,but you can Feel it.

* A Love that is Denied only goes Stronger.

* Don't Fall in Love with Someone you can Live with,Fall in Love with someone you cant live without.

* Love isn't Finding the Perfect Person,it is finding the In perfect Person and seeing How they are Perfect.

* If you Love Someone,Put their Names in a Circle not a heart because Hearts can Beak but Circles go on Forever.


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