on Saturday, May 12, 2012

Things that Microsoft could not Explain:

First Thing-
No body can create a Folder named as "CON" anywhere on the computer.The entire Microsoft team including Bill gates could not answer for this miracle.

Second thing:
Please do the Following:
  • Open an Empty Notepad File
  • Type "Bush Hid the Facts" without quotes
  • Save it in any location
  • Close & Re-Open it.
Have you noticed the Weird Bug?No One can Explain

Third Thing:

This thing was discovered by a Brazilian.
Open Microsoft Word & Type 
=rand (200,99)
And then Press enter & see the Magic

Fouth Thing:

Did you know a flight hit the two WTC Towers on 9/2011 was Q33N.
In Notepad/Word Pad/Windows Word,type that Flight Number Q33N
Increase the Font Size to 72.
Change the Font to "Wibdings".
You will be amazed by sawing the Result.
Just Check it out.


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