Google's Car Without Driver

on Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When you are Going to nevada,You can take the Google's Autonomous Car, Toyota Prius,It does not want a Driver.

Likely to put Cab Drivers out of Business after its testing in Nevada is finished the Google Autonomous Car has a host of benefits your cabbie doesnt have.

It will neve get in to an Accident on a city street or Highway,as its LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system that sits atop the car processes all surrounding informations at once,much faster than a Human.The Goole car drives safely,never swerving in and out of traffic.It never speeds(sorry about that) and it never tail gates or harasses other Drivers!

View of the Strip from the Google Autonomous Car:Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

Aside from the safety elements of Google Car,no longer in the future,there is the conveninece of such a means of transport in this multi-tasking,communication-juggling age,when driving safely now means Professional and social downtime.

The Autonomous car can provide freedom to millions of disabled and elderly peoples who are not able to drive themselves and depend on others to drive them.

This Google Car has the potential to change all our lives and relationships ,and just wait until it learns to talk.


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